Thursday, September 29, 2011

The National Center for Performing Arts in Beijing

This is a place, which  is probably not included in the tours of Beijing. There are really a lot of things you could visit there and if you have only a day or two the time would definitely not be enough for everything.
But yet, if you are at Tiananmen square and have some 20 minutes free time (enough to take a look from outside) or an hour (enough to go inside too), I think you will not be sorry if you cross the street, so you are on the side of the Great Hall of the People, walk around it and exactly on the opposite side of it, you will see the National Center for Performing Arts.
It is a beauty. You will see that immediately.  It is encircled in water and looks very peacefully and the same time a kind of unreal.
And if you have some more time, to go inside, the real adventure begins.
You enter at the end of the lake, buy a visitor ticket and start walking in an amazing corridor with water over  your head. Yes, exactly, you are walking under the lake and the ceiling is transparent, so you can see both the water with its small waves and the sun above it. It is really a very pleasant walk.
Then you go to the building. It is huge inside and really majestic. With the visitor ticket you can see different halls every day (it depends which one  is busy at the moment).
I had the chance to see the Opera Hall. I felt really sorry that I don`t have a professional camera which could take a decent picture of something like that. It is amazing! Really very, very beautiful.  
And at the end, I wish you all to have a chance to enjoy it yourself!
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A view from outdside:
 Antoher one:

 The transparent ceiling with the water and the sun:
 The corridor with the transparent ceiling:
And this is how it looks inside:
 A view from inside:

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